The benefits of Microsoft Tenancy Security

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We recognised the need to enhance the level of security provided by Standard Microsoft business licensing as some business may not be able to afford more expensive licensing options. Leveraging our advanced real-time scanning tool, we can enforce critical cybersecurity measures that are essential for protecting your business, even on a limited budget.  

With standard tenancy, you gain the advantage of Unified Audit Log live monitoring, ensuring a centralised record of security and compliance-related events across all Microsoft 365 services. This powerful tool allows for swift incident response, enhanced monitoring, and effective threat detection while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Adopt a security baseline with 365 Tenancy Security

Enforcing Multi-Factor-Authentication 

Your business took the leap and embraced MFA—Bravo! But how can you be sure that your team hasn’t just turned it off after a few months? 

One of these essential measures that our tenancy security service deploys is the enforcement of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). While not a standard feature, our Microsoft Tenancy Security management ensures the enforcement of MFA, providing an additional layer of protection and preventing insecure user practices. 

We are committed to empowering businesses of all sizes with robust cybersecurity solutions. Our goal is to offer enhanced security measures that are typically associated with larger businesses, making them accessible and affordable for organisations with limited resources. 

ITC Service Unified Audit Log live monitoring 

Gain full visibility and control over security and compliance events across all Microsoft 365 services with the unified audit log. This centralized record serves as a valuable tool for organizations, providing a comprehensive log of security-related activities and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

The unified audit log offers a single source of truth, capturing and storing critical information about user actions, system changes, and policy violations. This consolidated view enables a swift response, allowing you to detect and address potential threats effectively. 

By leveraging the power of the unified audit log, you can enhance your monitoring capabilities and proactively identify suspicious activities or anomalies. Real-time alerts and notifications keep you informed about any security incidents, empowering you to take immediate action and minimize potential damage. 

User location checker 

With our user location checker feature, we prioritize the security of your tenancy by monitoring access logs and detecting users outside your designated region. In cases where access is detected from outside the specified location, we promptly deny access while simultaneously alerting both you and our team. This compensates for the lack of native conditional access based on location in Microsoft’s standard licensing. 

By implementing this feature, such as restricting access to users from outside the UK, for example, you can take a significant step towards preventing potential breaches and unauthorised access attempts. We understand that timely response is crucial in such situations, and with our Standard Tenancy Security package, you can expect a response time within 1 hour. 

Security Scoring 

Security scoring in Microsoft 365 is the process of evaluating and measuring the overall security of your organisation’s Microsoft 365 tenancy. It provides an assessment of the security measures implemented and identifies areas that may require attention and improvement. 

We analyse 50+ multiple sectors of your companies tenancy to generate a score that is divided across 3 separate points which are apps, data and identity. These all combine to give an overview of your companies security as a whole. Alongside this, the security scoring of your company can help with your application to cyber essentials. This essentially gives you a leg up to ensure that your application is successful due to your understanding of cyber security across your company 

Adopting a culture of Cyber Security into your Organisation 

Whether you’re just adopting a baseline with Standard 365 Tenancy Security, or looking to take advantage of enterprise level features in our premium and enterprise tenancy security.  Cyber Security is something your business should take seriously.  Get in touch with one of our Cyber Seucrity experts to book a consultation and begin your journey.  

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