ITC Service Donates 10 Laptops to The Salvation Army in Support of Human Trafficking Victims 

In partnership with The Salvation Army, we have donated 10 high-quality laptops to aid survivors in their journey towards recovery and integration into society.

In an increasingly digital world, access to technology is critical. Our goal with this donation is to provide those in need with essential tools to access educational resources, job opportunities, and support networks.

Our very own Jamie Blanchflower, the Workshop Manager here at ITC, put it perfectly: “Jamie Blanchflower – Workshop Manager at ITC Service stated; “Technology is a tool that’s becoming more essential. We’re hoping to put it in the right hands, and we trust The Salvation Army to do just that. Our donation to The Salvation Army reinforces our commitment to making a difference in the community and in the lives of those most vulnerable”.

Northern Rights Partnership & Contributions

Our contribution to The Salvation Army was supported by one of our long-standing partners: Northern Rights.   Northern Rights are a social enterprise based in the North East of England that works with disadvantaged people, from a diverse range of backgrounds, who have struggled to find sustainable employment. 

Northern Rights contributed by donating several laptops directly to The Salvation Army.  Keeping true to their core mission: To be the best welfare-to-work organisation in the North East.

Salvation Army Helping Victims Rebuild their Lives

The Salvation Army has been at the forefront of assisting human trafficking and modern-day slavery victims, offering shelter, counseling, and educational support. With the addition of these laptops, the organisation can further enhance its efforts to provide survivors with the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

“Thanks again, these laptops have been donated to The Salvation Army who support victims of modern-day slavery & human trafficking.  This will give the victims the opportunity to communicate with friends and relatives, develop new interests and improve access to advice to improve their skills and employment prospects”

Jeanette: The Salvation Army

We are proud to collaborate with organisations like The Salvation Army and Northern Rights, and we remain dedicated to contributing positively to our community.

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