Building Infrastructure

Future proof your office's IT capabilities

Navigating office technology upgrades can be daunting without the right expertise. Our skilled IT infrastructure team is ready to future proof your office, ensuring you stay current and competitive for years to come.

Building Infrastructure

Upgrade your Buildings IT Infrastructure
for a Future Ready Office


Stay competitive

Modernise your IT infrastructure for optimal performance.

Embrace flexibility

Implement remote work capabilities to attract a diverse workforce.

technical support

Equip your team

Choose a wide range of hardware, fully configured, protected and ready for use.


Streamline data management

Centralise your data for easy access and improved efficiency.


Simplify office

Rely on our expertise for a seamless transition.


Reduce Operating

Save money and only buy what you need, when you need it! 

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ITC Service Offer Full Office Relocation Capabilities.

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Future proofing your office for IT is safeguarding your companies technological future


Your questions, answered.

Building infrastructure is the nervous system of your entire IT setup. It includes internet connections, servers, virtualisation and the basic building blocks to allow remote working.

We provide moving of any servers, switches and it hardware to the new location with a full install of such hardware

We do! We offer fiber to the premises and provide all of the cable laying through our great team of technicians and engineers. Get in touch to learn more.

No we do not. All of our installations are performed by our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts. You are in safe hands!

Our Solutions

Our Building Infrastructure Solutions


Installing your virtual environment includes everything from deciding on hosting, user creation, assigning admin privileges and training the staff .

Transferring your database onto the virtual environment will then allow you to access these important files anywhere.

Server Infrastructure

Server infrastructure is the building blocks and furthermore the nervous system of your managed IT services. Everything goes through your server whether it be web development or email usage.

Making sure that the infrastructure is solid and not prone to breaks is a massive anchor in what we offer.

Managed Wi-Fi Networks

Manged wifi networks are a great tool for monitoring. We can manage your wi-fi network to a degree that gives you great control over filtering, speed and what is happening on your network

We handle installation, setup and showing you how the managed systems work, we are as always here to help.

Remote Working Solutions

Utilising a great number of software we can help your company leap and bound into the modern way of hybrid working.

We use software from the modern work Microsoft solution as well as hardware and device management to allow you to be in the loop with what your staff are doing.

Office Moves

ITC assist clients with office relocations, helping to minimise the pain of any move by providing out of hours consultancy to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Having completed numerous moves on behalf of clients, businesses can rely on our expertise to get the move to a new location completed.

Virtual Desktop Deployments

Virtual desktop deployment is used all over the world in many types of businesses. virtualising applications and desktops can make your company a lot more flexible allowing your staff to access important information  wherever they are working.

Also it allows multiple users to access this desktop to help each other with what they are struggling with.

Storage Solutions

Dependant on the size of your business we can offer varying levels of storage for your data, information and users. We are able to backup your data onto full server stacks, into the cloud digitally and work with you to install what is decided to be the best course of action for your specific business. Rest assured that whatever storage solution is decided your cyber security is of paramount importance.

Device Supply And Installation

All businesses no matter the industry needs devices to be able to work on and use for communications. This part of runninga  company can often be worrying and difficult as  you may not know the best specifications for your specific industry. worry not, we are specialists in sourcing devices and setting them up ready for usage the moment your staff open the device.

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