Harnessing the Sun: ITC Service’s Strategic Investment in Solar Energy

ITC Service has always been at the forefront of integrating innovative and sustainable practices into our business model. Our latest venture into renewable energy shows our commitment to sustainability. We’re proud to announce the installation of a 48kW solar array at our Hebburn HQ, a significant step towards our net-zero goals.

Powering Technology with 113 Solar Panels

With the great team at AR Power, we have installed 113 solar panels at our headquarters. This substantial solar investment is set to generate an excess of electricity that will not only power our daily operations but also energise our fleet of electric vehicles.

We also hope that our investment in Solar enthuses other businesses in Hebburn to make similar investments.

Investing in solar solar has multifaceted benefits for your business:

  • Energy Autonomy: The solar array grants us greater control over our energy use, ensuring that our operations are not subject to fluctuating power costs. This translates into more predictable operational expenses and allows us to pass on the savings to our clients.
  •  Reduced Carbon Footprint: This investment massively reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, lowering our carbon emissions. Essential for our goal of net-zero by 2025
  •  Supporting EV Adoption: The integration of solar energy extends to our commitment to electric vehicles (EV). The solar panels provide clean energy for our free EV charging stations, which is an incentive for our employees to transition to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. This pairs well with our new staff salary sacrifice electric vehicle scheme.

A Step Towards Net Zero

ITC Service’s solar investment is one of the many sustainable steps we are taking to contribute to a healthier planet. By relying on the sun’s inexhaustible energy, we’re not just cutting costs; we’re also nurturing the environment that surrounds us. This initiative is a reflection of our core values: Integrity, Trust, Communication, and Service.

At ITC Service, we understand that sustainability is a journey. With each solar panel installed and every kilowatt generated, we move closer to our goal of complete sustainability and our goal of Net-Zero

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