Phishing Simulation

Enable your Workforce to Serve as the Foremost Line of Defense.

Evaluate, diminish, and track human susceptibility to phishing with innovative, user-centered simulation techniques.

Why Phishing Simulation Training?

Humans: The Core of Phishing Attacks

Phishing accounts for 36% of data breaches, marking an 11% increase from 2020.

Humans and Error Susceptibility

Phishing simulations address the critical reality that human error contributes to more than 90% of data breaches.

The Imperative of Compliance

Regular phishing awareness and training exercises are vital to meet key standards such as ISO 27001.

Phishing Simulation Training

Your Comprehensive Answer to a Security-Aware Workforce

Enhance your business’s defense against human error and phishing attacks with continuous phishing simulation exercises.

Elevate staff vigilance

Equip your team with the latest security knowledge through engaging, interactive phishing awareness training.

Protect vulnerable users

Proactively decrease attack risks by monitoring and addressing compromised user credentials found on the dark web.

Minimise mistakes

Teach employees best practices to prevent common errors, such as misdirected sensitive information.

Tackle sophisticated phishing

Strengthen user skills to identify, sidestep, and report advanced phishing threats.

Verify regulatory compliance

Demonstrate your commitment to managing human risk with detailed, real-time reports on your phishing training effectiveness.

Establish security protocols

Ensure staff adherence to organisational security policies using comprehensive templates and verifiable compliance.

Phishing Simulation

All you Require to Address Phishing Risk, Efficiently Handled on Your Behalf

Phishing Awareness Program

Engaging, concise video and interactive courses focused on key information security and compliance issues.

Phishing Attack Simulations

Measurable simulated phishing exercises using a mix of ready-to-use and customisable scenarios.

Cyber Risk Monitoring

Continuous dark web surveillance to identify and mitigate risks from compromised user information.

Policy Oversight

A centralised repository of ready-to-use policies, streamlining and monitoring staff compliance and acknowledgments.

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How it's Done!

Effective Phishing Risk Management: a Streamlined Approach

Our strategy focuses on continuous, fully-managed phishing training to efficiently tackle cybersecurity threats. We offer concise, engaging courses tailored to maintain staff productivity, complemented by automated reminders that ensure hassle-free participation. To keep you well-informed, our system provides regular, succinct reports, giving you a comprehensive overview of the training progress and its impact.

1. Risk Assessment

Discover the current state of your team's cybersecurity awareness. We provide a complimentary Human Risk Report (HRR) detailing your organisation's Risk Score and a clear, actionable plan for improvement.

2. Risk Mitigation

Engage your employees in a tailored Human Risk Management (HRM) program. This includes succinct, impactful training sessions and regular phishing simulations, all designed to enhance their security awareness and behavior.

3. Risk Management

Track the effectiveness of your HRM program through consistent summary reports. These updates offer insights into training engagement, phishing simulation outcomes, and the evolving score of your human risk factor.

Human Risk Management

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