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Are you a current customer? Welcome to the client hub where you can raise tickets, initiate remote support and access the customer portal for easy ticket management.

Client Hub

When a technician asks to connect to your PC, please click the button below.​

Login to your Customer Portal Window to log or manage your support requests online.

Send an email to create a support ticket automatically and a technician will be in touch shortly.

We’re excited to show our Customer Portal, an new way to submit new tickets and check up on existing tickets. Check out the demonstration produced by our very own Service Desk Dispatcher:

Should you have any questions about accessing the portal, just give us a call!

The ITC Customer Portal

Our Promise of Transparency

Every month, we post our service desk results for the previous month.  We use the industry standard Net Promotor Score™ to measure how delighted our customer’s are with the service we provide. Our NPS score is consistently above 85%, which is considered ‘World Class’.

2023 Statistics 


Net Promotor Score


Customer Satisfaction


Average Call Wait Time


Average Time To Resolution


Average Time To Respond


A critical security flaw has been found in the Microsoft OneNote Application.
At 12pm on the 23rd of June ITC Service will be pushing a mandatory update to devices that use the vulnerable version of Microsoft OneNote.

Customers may notice a popup asking them to save their work and close the application while the update takes place.  This won’t cause any loss of work. 

If you don’t get this popup, don’t worry, this simply means that your device does not contain the vulnerable version of Microsoft OneNote

Should you have any queries, get in touch with us via the client hub.

Critical update for Microsoft Onenote