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Cyber attacks can cripple your business, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!  We have industry leading expertise and tools that can ensure your business stays safe and exceeds all compliance standards.

100% Success in ISO 27001 to date

Stay ahead of the game with our state-of-the-art cyber security hardening.

  • Protect your organisation from common information security risks.
  • Receive expert guidance to obtain certifications such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.
  • Benefit from a team of industry-specific IT support experts who bring their knowledge to the table.
  • Accelerate your processes, analyse your risks, and implement effective mitigation strategies to keep your company communications uninterrupted.
  • Save time and avoid potential risks by prioritizing security early in your projects.
  • Measure and test your systems and workforce for complete cyber security.
Cyber Security - ITC Service

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Citizens Advice Gateshead
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Absolute pleasure dealing with both the initial handler and the fixer. Polite, professional and always no hesitation to call for support.
Northern Elevator Limited
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A very approachable and welcoming team from logging a ticket to resolving any issues reported.
Northern Rights
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Everyone at ITC is amazing, so helpful, friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
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ITC Service Security Defaults and Microsoft 365 Scoring

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You are only as strong as your weakest link, so make every link count.

Your questions, answered.

Microsoft security scoring is a carefully designed system that dives into your tenancy, devices, information governance and application control. Based on your tenancy setup and security settings we can give you a score. We aim to improve your score every month.

We’re glad you’re using Multifactor Authentication, it is by far the best last line of defence against a Cyber Attack. However that’s just one of many Cyber Security measures the average business should deploy. 

Ransomware is wreaking havok, spear phishing emails are becoming increasingly common. The truth is you should be wary of everything, including your own users.  

Yes! Many forms! From onsite educational courses demonstrating the importance of Governance, Risk & Compliance to Phishing awareness campaigns where we send you false emails, and educate your team if they fall for them!

Our Cyber Security Solutions

Email Filtering & Security

Email Security is a must-have for businesses of all kinds.  Our tools and management ensures your users and devices are safe from phishing attacks. Whether they’re on a mobile or a desktop


Multi-Factor Authentication

We live by the motto:  If you don’t have MFA, your business is not secure.  We truly believe this.  Best of all, we make it easy!


Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is about protecting your boundary’s and proactively stopping attacks before they occur.   Proper endpoint security needs to be managed, and we do that, 24/7

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Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Has your business gotten to a point where Cyber Essentials Accreditation is required? We love taking our clients through this process.   We feel no one does this better than us! 


Security Scoring

How do you score? We take a unique approach to Cyber Security Hardening where we focus on a large number of key metrics. Which then allows us determine a ‘score’. This score is something we share with our clients and make sure they have all the help they need to progress.


Information Governance

Information governance (IG) means to deploy a strategy for information held within an organisation. It is about balancing the risk that information presents with. the value that information provides.   We help you understand how to manage and share your data appropriately


Patch Management

Updating your endpoints is important, however when you’re running business critical operations, understanding what the update includes is also essential.  We have patch management systems that take a test then deploy approach. 


Conditional Access And Compliance Policies

So, you’re protected against the outside world, but are you protected against yourselves? This is where a lot of businesses fall short.  All it takes is one user to make a mistake online or one rouge employee to do something they shouldn’t have and you’re landed in a world of trouble


Phishing Simulation

Employ advanced, user-oriented simulation strategies to meticulously assess, mitigate, and keep track of people’s susceptibility to phishing threats. This approach, focusing on innovative and personalized methods, aims to precisely identify, systematically reduce, and continuously monitor vulnerabilities, significantly bolstering defenses against these deceptive cyber-attacks.

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