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Keeping up to date with software and hardware patches is important to keep your business running as it should. 

How Can Patch Management Help?

Patching takes time, therefore costing money. For small companies, a failed patch roll-out can be a catastrophe.  ITC Service’s ‘Patch Management’ can automatically update your software and hardware without ever interrupting your workflow. 

Our systems know and test all major updates before we push them to your devices. No update is a surprise! 

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
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Of breaches involve vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied.
patch management process

How does it work?

Patch Management falls in the hands of our proactive monitoring team.  It is a 4 step process that we manage often without a client knowing.

It starts by taking an inventory of your devices, understanding what patches are available and the importance of those patches.   Our tools and our team then research any major patches to ensure they are safe for rollout. We often test on an isolated environment first.  Following that we align your patch window with your working hours and schedules, ensuring that you never experience downtime while you’re at work. 

Utilising patch management is paramount to having uninterrupted workflow on the day to day. We can take care of your updates while you carry on with the more important points of the day.

What makes us the best IT Support Partner?

True 24/7 IT Support

ITC provide true 24/7 emergency engineer cover. IT issues unfortunately don’t only occur during normal business hours. We have on call engineers available to assist 24/7 with any IT emergency. ​

'World Class NPS'

Our NPS scores are some of the highest in the country. A testament to the quality of support we provide to our happy clients.

98% Retention

Formed in 2006, ITC Service has an outstanding customer retention rate. Companies who use us for the first time keep on using us, year after year – don’t just take our word for it.​


Our team of over 40 engineers and support staff are constantly trained in the latest technologies. From software to hardware to cabling and installations, we are the trusted provider in the region.​