Case Study

Zenith Training

Who Are Zenith Training?

Zenith Training are a north east training provider providing top of the line apprenticeships, up-skill workshops and distanced learning education across the United Kingdom. They are front-runners in the apprenticeship and education sectors providing staff and education to industries such as hospitality, construction and IT.

The Challenge

Zenith originally agreed a 12 month transition into Microsoft 365 applying the cloud services and cyber security it offers. However this was right before the pandemic hit, following this circumstance zenith sat down with us and decided to jump in feet first and get it launched as soon as possible.

The Solution

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic as explained above Zenith needed to adapt fairly quickly to the new world of remote working, distanced learning and providing their services across the internet.

We managed to compile what was originally planned as a year long transition into a full weekend of work so that Zenith could operate as normal from home with little to no delays in the workflow they were used to.

The Outcome

From the back of this change zenith training were able to fully adapt to  hybrid working and remote lesson adaptation to further their business in the training industry. Zenith Training are still making waves today offering a new form of training that is fully remote and can be accessed by learners anywhere in the country further allowing them to grow and become a industry leader in the space.

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“Our Hybrid learning model has accelerated how the business operates and ITC was fundamental to that transformation in our business”

Paul Smissen

Zenith Training