Customer Case Study

Newcastle Gateshead Initiative

Newcastle Gateshead Initiative journey to reliable IT Support

NGI are a locational advancement company based, you guessed it, in Newcastle upon Tyne. Their main goal is to entice companies from abroad to set up shop in Newcastle and Gateshead to boost the economy and also boost Newcastle’s value on the global scale. Alongside enticing businesses they also work to improve Newcastle and Gateshead infrastructure, arrange events and make sure local Geordies quality of life is top notch!

The Challenge

Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, a rapidly growing company, had experienced significant challenges with it’s previous IT support providers. Historically, these providers had consistently overpromised and oversold their services, leading to a constant struggle for NGI to maintain a stable and secure IT infrastructure. As the company welcomed a influx of new employees and experienced unprecedented growth, it became increasingly apparent that their existing IT support arrangements were unsustainable. NGI’s leadership recognised the urgent need to find a different IT support partner, one with a fresh perspective, highly skilled engineers, and a no-nonsense approach to providing top-tier support and security for their clients.

The Solution

To address these challenges, NGI sought out an IT support company with a proven track record of delivering results for fast-growing businesses. After an extensive search, we are grateful that they partnered with ITC Service.  ITC Service brought a wealth of experience in scaling IT infrastructures, implementing robust security measures, and providing exceptional support for a rapidly expanding workforce.

The Outcome

As a result of the partnership, NGI experienced a remarkable transformation in it’s IT infrastructure. The newly implemented processes and systems provided increased stability, ensuring minimal downtime and disruptions. Enhanced security measures significantly reduced the risk of cyber threats, protecting NGI’s valuable data and intellectual property. The improved IT support also led to increased employee satisfaction and productivity, as workers could now rely on prompt, effective assistance whenever they encountered technical issues.

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“What we really wanted was someone who would take the time to understand our business and know what we needed.”

Candy Walker

Newcastle Gateshead Initiative