IT Support – Making Your business IT Efficient

IT Support – Making Your business IT efficient. We love helping businesses reach new levels of IT proficiency through class-leading technology and service.
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We are an MSP, We love helping businesses reach new levels of IT proficiency through class-leading IT support that gives businesses the freedom to thrive.

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We are the IT Partner of choice


Strict, rapid SLAs

With SLAs that don't break. We make sure that our partners never have to wait.


True 24/7 Support

Many MSPs 'claim' to provide 24/7 service. However we have engineers by the phone every second of the day for crital IT support issues


Partners, not clients

We love to call the companies we work with 'Partners', as we truly believe the relationship we build with you is a lasting one.



Our customer service team never drops a call. We're quick, thorough and supported by an excellent team of engineers that will keep you informed.

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How Our IT Support Process Works

  1. You Raise a ticket – and the clock starts!
  2. It comes through to our fantastic Customer Service team.
  3. A member of the Customer Service team decides on the perfect engineer for your problem.
  4. Once the engineer has received your request he will resolve within the time of our strict SLAs and communicate with you every step of the way

Why Is IT Support Important?

Tired of reading? We thought you might like this video.

With IT Support, you’ll never be alone with your technical troubles.   Any downtime to your business costs money, the longer the IT outage, the more the cost!   We take pride in making sure your business is free of technical issues, and react quickly to any that appear.

We have put together a more comprehensive guide on how to purchase IT Services, and what you should look out for.    We don’t take your decision to partner with us lightly

IT Support London, Newcastle, Manchester, Durham and more.

Anywhere, anytime.

With 37% of people working from home, and 85% of those people wanting to adopt a hybrid approach to working (both working from home and on-site).  Having friendly IT Support wherever you are is important.   ITC assists people across the UK. Giving a range of onsite help and remote IT Support from  London to Newcastle.   No project is too big, or too far. 

See information about the advantages of remote support

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Our Support Desk team leaders

Christopher Potts

Technical Director

Adam Precious

Service Desk Manager

Craig Patterson

3rd Line ENgineer

Josh Lord

3rd Line Engineer

Companies We Partner With

IT Support provider with a 98% client retention rate over 15 years of operation

Let us help you

We help companies from all around the UK with IT Support, large and small companies in Newcastle, Durham, Manchester, London and more, click the button below for a free quote

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Frequently asked questions

An MSP – also known as a Managed Service Provider, is exactly that!  We provide many services, everything from Cyber Security to Microsoft 365 services – and we also manage it for you. Meaning you never have to deal with any of the technical jargon, but get the full benefits of being a company with a savvy modern IT infrastructure.

Good Question!  We’ve some of our best engineers on a ‘night shift’  This ensures fast and reliable support around the clock, with very few escalations.    You call, they answer.

Having IT Support, or technical support means to never be left alone in a time of technical trouble.     Even if you are an SME with an already existing IT team.  Our Complementary support offers will allow that team to take on tasks otherwise impossible.  We believe IT Support is a must have for any growing company.

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