What is Net Promoter Score and why we care.

ITC Service thrive on feedback.  We make changes to our processes continuously to ensure we deliver a fantastic service that keeps our customers delighted.  NPS Scores are a huge part of that. 

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What is NPS/ Net Promoter Score?

NPS/ Net Promoter Score Is an industry standard  market research metric that consists of a single question: How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? The score is a grade of 1-10 and its ‘scale’ is what makes it unique.

How the overall NPS is calculated.

NPS Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of people who answer the question with a 6 or lower, from the percentage who answer with a 9 or 10.   This gives a percentage score which is the businesses ‘NPS’.  Thousands of businesses globally use the NPS score to understand where they stack up in customer service against their competitors.      Above 50%, is considered good in the MSP industry. Anything over 70% is classed as excellent, and difficult to achieve.


Net Promoter Score Scale.

Promoters(Score 9 & 10) represent a company’s most loyal customers. These customers are likely to promote a business, enhance the reputation of a brand and increase quantity of referrals. Promoters are often essential to a companies growth

Passives (Score 7 & 8) based on market research, passives are unlikely to recommend a brand, but they’re also unlikely to talk about a brand negatively. Their score isn’t included in a NPS calculation.  Passives c

Detractors (Score 0 – 6) are unlikely to recommend a brand, when someone scores lower than a 6, there is concern that the experience they had could damage brand reputation. So it’s important these are addressed.

How our customers receive the NPS survey.

Once a week, a random selection of customers receive an email from our partner survey tool which asks them to answer the NPS question.    When they leave us a score lower than 9, it asks: “What could we do better?” We take this feedback seriously, and not one is missed.  We also reach out to customers to discuss any concerns they may have.    

Why it is important to ITC.

Both our NPS scores and CSAT reviews are public facing.  We strive to provide the very best service and have no hesitation in showing our statistics. These statistics and our customers feedback drive our daily decisions and developments.    

ITC Service was built upon three core values, Integrity, Trust and Communication. We’ll keep it that way. 

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