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ITC Ninja is the first-ever global cloud-based solution to hosting your software completely in-cloud.  As an example, the system supports the hosting of Sage. No more worries about software installation – simply log in and work with your software. Do you use Sage 50 but need it installed on your machine? Not anymore. Ninja offers you the convenience of cloud computing but with more power and capability than your traditional desktop

What is ITC Ninja?

ITC Ninja is the solution for many issues that the modern business has daily. Ninja is a Microsoft Azure-based platform that provides cloud applications and computing. You can choose to live in the desktop environment utilising the cloud computing component or you can have remote applications that run from the cloud but are presented to your local machine.

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Why do we need Ninja?

In this day and age where workers are constantly on the move, whether it be from one desk to another, one building to another, working from a hotel, a train, the side of a mountain, no matter where you are on the planet, so long as you have an internet connection you can get access to your data.

What makes ITC Ninja a better solution?

What makes Ninja unique is that the end-user doesn’t have to worry about any setup/configuration or maintenance of their system; everything is taken care of by the ITC Ninjas. Within the desktop environment, you log in and it’s just like having access to everything on your local computer.

You get to utilise the speed and power of the platform, everything is accessed securely and fully backed up. No computer? No problem! You can get any device connected, you can even use an iPad or tablet, the only requirement is that the device has an internet connection.

The other side of Ninja’s offering is cloud-based applications, we can present any application via ITC Ninja that runs with a faster speed and power. This prevents you from buying expensive hardware, you can run it all from the cloud, have it presented to you on your local device and get all the benefits as listed above, safely and securely.

We particularly recommend the application Sage to be used with ITC Ninja, as even Sage themselves do not offer a 100% cloud-based solution. Their only “cloud” offering is an onsite application running from a server that backs up to the cloud.

Whereas ITC Ninja’s implementation is a true fully cloud-based Sage that can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

How did Ninja come to be?

The idea came due to the need and high demand for an always-on, connect from anywhere platform.

Within the current workplace, we know how important your data is, having a platform that is safe, secure and easily accessible means a business can be prepared from any location!

ITC Ninja offers your business an always on 100% cloud-based desktop and applications that you can access securely from anywhere! This also includes Sage

As a result of all of this, we can now offer an entirely cloud-based solution to many programs and software as well as a storage solution.

This will allow any user to use any device anywhere to work so long as they have an internet connection.

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