Exchange migration errors


hasToday’ post will help with Exchange migration errors, The source email address couldnt be found in the on-premise domain 👍

The issue:

I have seen plenty of Exchange migration errors, many of them are transient errors and are a great big massive pain.

Sometimes, these errors are just the backend system having a wobble, and restarting usually fixes it.

This particular Exchange migration error, I found while performing a cutover migration in Exchange 2013 ready to migrate to M365.

The source email address couldnt be found in the on-premise domain

Exchange migration errors batch error message

The resolution:

Another nice and easy, but not obvious one, its all to do with the GAL! (Global address list)

This can easily be rectified by using the following powershell command:

Set-Mailbox -Identity [email protected] -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $false

Exchange migration errors unhide from address list using Windows Powershell

You can do the opposite and hide an address using $true if needed for something else, like so:

Set-Mailbox -Identity [email protected] -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true

After waiting a few minutes, this allowed me to continue with my cutover migration batch, ready for the migration to M365 👍

Exchange migration errors Migration to M365

As previously stated, there are lots of reasons for a migration batch to throw up errors.

To get help with migration batches in general, you can find more specific information on the topic here

For more help with Exchange, please feel free to get in touch.





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