Don’t let the heatwave ruin your computer


Summer is in full swing and with it brings scorching temperatures. While this weather is great for topping up your tan, it is not so great for your computer or server. If you are not careful, the heat wave could cause serious damage to your devices. Now is a ‘more important than ever’ time to monitor your computer/server to ensure that they are within safe operating temperatures.

Most reliable computer systems have safeguards in place to stop excessive overheating, such as fan ramp-up, performance throttling, forced shutdowns etc, however these do not always come to rescue quite when they are needed. Many computers have their threshold for ‘thermal throttling’ set too high, meaning there is a chance your device is sustaining high temperatures for a longer time than it should.

Heat is the biggest killer for electronics’ longevity however we are confident in knowing our clients are protected by the proactive monitoring systems that will alert us to any hardware issues and temperature alarms before it becomes a concern.

What are some signs that your computer is overheating?

  • The device feels hot to the touch
  • Error messages or crashes
  • Very loud sustained fan noise
  • Slow performance
  • Unexpected shutdowns

If you experience any of these issues, check the temperature of your device. If it is running hotter than usual there are a few tips you can try to help cool it down beyond checking the hardware is in good condition.

What to do when your computer is overheating?

  • Stop using it!
  • Important – ensure all fans are operating correctly (we advise speaking to a professional)
  • Ensure none of the computer vents are blocked
  • Avoid using applications that push your computers CPU limits
  • Invest in an external fan to increase airflow and assist your server/computer in cooling
  • Turn off any unnecessary programs or processes that may be running in the background
  • Move your computer to a cooler location

By taking these steps, you could prevent serious damage to your computer and your data during the hot summer months. If you are unsuccessful in lowering these temperatures, we highly suggest speaking to a professional for assistance. Do not wait until it’s too late.

Proactive monitoring and how ITC Service handles the scorching temperatures

We have a dedicated proactive monitoring team who have worked hard to develop processes that ensure your systems are safe, while also giving us alerts when anything goes wrong. Our proactive monitoring team manage everything from overnight server backups, virus protection to hardware maintenance.

ITC Service use a tool that regularly checks in with your server’s hardware to ensure it is operating within a safe temperature. If it finds that the temperature has been elevated for a prolonged period of time then it will alert the team who will react accordingly.

If you’re concerned about temperature and your device overheating, please do not hesitate to contact us, our team is ready to help!



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