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Hardened Microsoft 365 Cyber Security

 ITC Service have been investing in Cyber Security since 2006, and though our partnership with Microsoft, we’ve developed a better way to manage your Microsoft Tenancy Security. 

The biggest risk to business is complacency, not hackers.

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Supercharging Microsoft 365 Cyber Security with advanced security defaults

Instant Improvement on Microsoft Tenancy Security

Our Standard enforced security defaults give you a strong foundation for your cyber security journey.

Compliance and regulation

Helps organisations demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations by providing a quantitative measure to their effectiveness.

Peace of mind

Operate at your fullest knowing that your data, files and staff are secure online. Let us take the necessary steps to ensure your company's cyber security with our Standard Tenancy Security Solution.

Affordable, necessary first steps

Standard Tenancy Security offers important security measures and support, at an affordable price. Allowing small businesses between 1-5 users and SMEs with 1000+ to have the confidence that their business has taken steps to Cyber Resilience.

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Advanced Real Time Scanning

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User location checker

Monitoring the tenancies unified audit log, our propriatory tool detects users outside of your geographical region and denies them access to your all important Microsoft 365 Account. 

Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication 

Enforcing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is essential for business security. Although not a standard feature, our Microsoft Tenancy Security management enforces MFA, bolstering protection and preventing insecure user practices from damaging your company.

Manage and enforce standard security best practices

Many businesses unknowingly expose themselves to risks. At ITC Service, we strengthen your cyber foundations during onboarding by disabling legacy sign-ins, enabling domain keys, and blocking non-admin user consent to apps and more. These are all essential steps to pass a Cyber Essentials audit.

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Microsoft security scoring is a carefully designed system that dives into your tenancy, devices, information governance and application control. Based on your tenancy setup and security settings we can give you a score. We aim to improve your score every month.

As a Microsoft modern work partner, we’ve had a long history with Microsoft that goes back to 2006. We’re passionate about the services we provide and the partnerships we create with our clients. Founded on the core values of Integrity, Trust, Communication and Service – securing our customers has been a top priority. You can trust that we’re up-to-date with the latest tech trends and cyber security news.

Premium takes conditional access and application management to the next level.  Instead of time based checks – premium tenancy security allows for instant response on attacks or strange activities. Premium is needed for companies looking to build their Cyber Security credentials.

Finding out your security score is a tricky and involved procedure where we begin by gaining access your Microsoft tenancy and understanding what applications/ services you use. We then establish a secure score. Get in touch if you’d like to find out!

What’s considered as a good security score changes based on your businesses structure and process. However as a common rule, anything below 50 is considered poor. 50+ and you’re well on your way to Cyber resilience.

Take it a step further.

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Making it to this point in the page shows that you’re a security conscious individual. The great news is… so are we! 

Get in touch regarding our Standard Tenancy Security service and we’ll make sure your business takes the right first steps to Cyber Security.


The ultimate solution to safeguard your organisation’s Microsoft ecosystem. This top-of-the-line security service is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled protection for your Microsoft-based data, systems, and applications, ensuring your organisation’s online safety and privacy.

Enterprise Tenancy Security

Has your business matured to adopt the enterprise security mindset? Is your booming business ready to take the leap? 

Benefit from best-in-class tools and expertise in your journey to enterprise level security.  Get in touch to book a free consultation and assessment.