5 Common Worries About IP Telephony 

New technology is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. The world is advancing at such a breakneck speed that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes that affect our everyday lives and workplace. 

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The new big thing in telephony at the minute is IP based voice communication solutions or IP based Telephony”. These are solutions built upon trustworthy framework like SoGEA, FTTP and Ethernet Connectivity. They are the future of communications inside and outside of businesses. However, with new technology comes worries that it may not stick, below are 5 common worries about moving to IP based telephony. 

If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It 

Many people live by this saying, however, in December 2025 BT will be shutting off all copper-based landline phones and pushing everyone towards adopting the new IP based solutions.  

Due to this many companies have already taken the leap and have started to use newer and faster communication tools such as the ones mentioned above. Infact as many as 30% of all companies currently have not researched alternate telephony before the cut-off date. Don’t be one of the companies left in the lurch, start your future communications journey with us! 

Lack Of Trust 

As with all new technology some feel an air of distrust around IP telephones due to it being fairly new technology in the industry. We are here to snuff those fears and assure you that this new technology is here to stay. It has been thoroughly tested, audited and has already been rolled out across the wider UK by tech forward companies. We can attest to its ease of use and great connectivity as we use it ourselves! There’s no better guarantee than that! 

If you are still having worries about the lack of trust around this new technology then you can book in some time with our brilliant telecommunications team who will quell your fear and set you on the path towards clearer, faster and newer communication! 


If expenses are your main concern, then worry not! Moving to IP Telephony is actually a lot cheaper than the ISDN copper lines that you will be used to. This is due to the IP based communications utilising the internet to connect people. 

Alongside this you won’t be leasing the copper lines at a monthly premium like you do currently, moving to an Ip based solution can also have more money saving benefits such as ease of rollout, service packages from your supplier and even lack of training needed to operate these new communication tools. 

Too difficult to move 

Usually replacing any system can be time consuming and resource intensive. also concerns that the time taken to realise any cost savings will not be worth the effort to change are usually a sticking point for key decision makers. Because of this many businesses wrongly assume that the switch to IP telephony will be difficult and cost consuming… But they’re wrong. 

For starters there are no new lines needing to be installed whatsoever! IP works off your already existing internet connection to connect people. Secondly since it’s a replacement for ISDN you’ll be freeing up your bandwidth for the rest of your internet needs in your company further optimising your resources. Finally, if your company is seasonal then IP based solutions are scalable based on the number of staff needed at any time meaning you can optimise your spend better! 

Poor quality 

For a lot of newcomers to the IP voice revolution their first experience is the likes of skype or other mass voice chatting software. Although these tools are great for handling personal use and long conversations without much switching when it comes to quick switching between calls and managing your switchboard it falls extremely short on everything from call quality to organisation. 

Voice IP calls however are specially created and developed to handle large packets of information coming through it at any time which always guarantees excellent quality, instant connectivity and best of all ease of access. Alongside this the management tools and organisation available for IP based solutions are second to none! 

To summarise, many peoples worries and fears about moving to an Ip based solution can be easily explained away and fixed by the options and settings that Ip based voice solutions offer to all of its users. If you’re ready to take the leap and enter the new era of voice technology, feel free to give us a call! 

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