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Hosted Voice & Telephony

As the 2025 ISDN & Analogue switch off fast approaches, ITC can offer future proof, feature rich telephony solutions. 


Hosted Telephony

The traditional PBX telephone system is rapidly becoming outdated.  Hosted Telephony, such as that provided by ITC Service, is now being adopted by many businesses.  But why is that?

Because Hosted Telephony uses cloud storage and data lines, companies are free from the physical restrictions of PBX systems.  As well as covering all the current features of PBX, Hosted goes one step further.

Our Hosted service provides the ideal telephony to give you many features such as call routing, voicemail, calls to mobile/email.  Our system is ideal for businesses operating in multiple locations; as all calls are routed over a data connection; no specialist equipment is required.

The system helps to reduce costs as it is scalable – you only pay for what you use.  As well as many other features, the system includes a web portal which provides valuable management user information through a dashboard with a wealth of information at your fingertips.  You control the system, not some costly third party via expensive hardware.

BT announced plans to migrate all ISDN services to an IP network by 2025. By making the migration to this technology now, businesses will future-proof their setup and will enable their organisations to eliminate call charges to local, national and mobiles, driving further cost savings.

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Need Hosted Telephony?


  • A range of different handsets to suit your company needs
  • Easy to use desktop administration interface
  • Safe, reliable secure network
  • Professionally managed telephony migrations
  • Scaleable from small business to large multi-sites
  • Integration with handsets and mobile phones
  • Only charged for what you use, controlling costs
  • Cloud-based so more resilient than traditional copper

Frequently asked questions

How does hosted telephony work? Hosted telephony uses the same LAN network as office Internet and automatically connects to the IP network. Using the same methods to pass information as the Internet, hosted telephony utilises a router to communicate actions with your associated IP network.
  • Mobility and Scalability.
  • Integration with Current Infrastructure. 
  • The Transmission of Multimedia Content. 
  • Good on Data, Great on Bandwidth. 
  • Significantly Lower Costs.
With hosted VoIP, your IP phone sends digital data over the internet to your provider. Your provider handles the routing of calls, call queues, and everything else in the cloud. You can also use SIP trunking to connect a legacy IP PBX to a modern VoIP provider to take advantage of missing features.

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Our clients say

ITC have provided an outstanding level of IT service and support to our business from day one. This has given us confidence that all of our IT requirements are under control and supported without interruption or concern
Hyperdrive compressed
HyperDrive Innovation
Pan Lewin, Purchasing Manager
Having been let down by previous IT companies in terms of response times, reliability and technical abilities we have found ITC Service to provide a service second to none. Engineers are friendly, approachable, have the IT knowledge and are more importantly responsive to any issues we do have.
Phoenix Steel
Jim Mullen
ITC are friendly, very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to help us. Changing to ITC for our IT support has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!
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Slaters Electricals
Trudi Shore, Office Manager
I can recommend ITC without reservation. We stumbled across them about 9 years ago when having trouble setting up an intranet within our new business. We’ve not deviated from ITC since, they provided invaluable expertise during our factory move.
team 2
Induction Pipe Bending
Andy Stewart, Managing Director

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