Hosted telephony is the future of business communications. Stay ahead of the game with our streamlined telephony solutions. 

As your business grows, so will your systems.

Business telephony and communications has been congruent to ITC Services history.  Now accredited Gamma and 3cx Partners, we promise that we can deploy the right solution for your business. 

Don’t get left in the dark when the ISDN switch off happens in 2025 make the switch to hosted telephony with ITC Service today

A solution that meets your needs, regardless of size.

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Business communications systems built to last.

Managed Phone Systems

Our ITC Business Phone System allows you to entirely personalise how you communicate. Whether it be through a range of handsets, via a desktop application, or even through teams!

Cloud Contact Centre

A fully cloud solution perfect for small to medium enterprises. Cut costs and increase effectiveness! Partnered with Gamma, ITC will exceed expectations in cost, resiliency and scalability.


ITC Service's cost effective mobile phone contracts, built upon EEs major network, ensures you stay connected regardless of location.


With the BIG ISDN/ PSTN switch off imminent, ensure your business moves to a cost effective connectivity solution. Whether it be Ethernet, SoGEA or FTTP. We'll make the switch painless.

Service redefined...

Our communications systems are fully managed and protected. Need to add a new user? Experiencing some technical difficulty?  Our award winning SLA’s guarantee a speedy solution. Our experts in the telecoms industry have over 100 years of combined experience.

No hidden fees, no techy jargon.

We’re people, who just want your business to thrive with technology.  Built upon Integrity, Trust and Communication,  

ITC have grown purely from recommendations of our service quality.    We keep things simple and effective.

The PTSN Switch OFF Clock



Depending on location, there’s a good chance the stop sell has already taken place in your area. This means you will no longer be able to purchase PSTN lines.



Frequently asked questions

How does hosted telephony work? Hosted telephony uses the same LAN network as office Internet and automatically connects to the IP network. Using the same methods to pass information as the Internet, hosted telephony utilises a router to communicate actions with your associated IP network.

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) provides an internet connection over fibre delivered directly to your business and provides a high-speed, reliable and affordable connectivity option. Because connectivity is delivered by fibre technology rather than copper, dedicated speeds of up to 1Gbps Down and 115Mpbs up are available depending on your business requirements.

  • Mobility and Scalability.
  • Integration with Current Infrastructure. 
  • The Transmission of Multimedia Content. 
  • Good on Data, Great on Bandwidth. 
  • Significantly Lower Costs.

Ethernet Internet Connectivity allows highly reliable, secure, and fast dedicated data connection. It is delivered over a fibre connection, with network health monitoring provided as a standard. With options over a choice of dedicated 100Mbps or 1Gbps circuit, you have a choice of speeds ranging from 10Mbps ranging up to 1Gbps depending on your requirements to ensure all your business internet connectivity needs are taken care of, whether that be internet browsing, streaming, uploading big data or voice over IP requirements, or a combination of all at once.

With hosted VoIP, your IP phone sends digital data over the internet to your provider. Your provider handles the routing of calls, call queues, and everything else in the cloud. You can also use SIP trunking to connect a legacy IP PBX to a modern VoIP provider to take advantage of missing features.

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. It uses the same physical infrastructure and has the same geographic availability and connectivity currently available to most business premises in the UK. As the UK moves ever closer to an all-IP network, SoGEA provides the most accessible way to upgrade to all-IP connectivity. It is the modern replacement for the soon to be unavailable FTTC with download speeds up to 80Mbps and download speeds of up to 20Mbps

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