ITC Customer Portal Demonstration

If you have any questions or queries regarding the ITC customer portal, please contact Chloe via:


Step 1 – Accessing The Portal

To begin with, you need to access the portal. There are 3 ways in which you can access this.

The first is by typing in into your web browser.

The second method is by going to > clicking on the ‘client hub’ box at the top right and then clicking the ‘Manage Your Tickets’ box.

The other alternative, if you have ITC Service Monitoring Service installed on your device, you can right click on the ITC Ninja icon on the task bar > click ‘ITC Support’ and then click ‘Manage your Tickets’ on the middle box.

Any of these methods will take you to this screen which is the portal log in screen.

If you have a Microsoft or Google account, then please sign in with either of these options and input your individual work email address and password to gain access. It may ask you an additional security measure if your company has these in place, such as multi factor authentication.

If you use an alternative to Microsoft or Google then you will need to create an account. To do this please select ‘Sign Up’. The email address you use to sign up MUST be the email that is listed under your contact in our ticketing system. Please call our service desk if you are unsure what your email address is and we can assist in creating you a contact.

Once you have signed in this will take you to the portal homepage where you should be able to see 2 options, ‘Submit a Ticket’ and ‘Look up a Ticket’.

Submitting a Ticket

To submit a new ticket, you need to select the ‘Submit a Ticket’ box. This will bring up a list of forms for you to use depending on what your ticket is for.

If you have a new issue (This could be a slow PC, outlook unresponsive, Sage has crashed) and so on, this would be a ‘New General Incident’.

If you have a new request (This could be a new email creation, phone extension change, printer set up, mailbox changes) This would be a ‘New General Request’.

If you have an employee leaving, then you can use the ‘Leaver Form’ and this will ensure we get the users accounts forwarded on to whoever they need to go to and so on.

We then have a ‘Password Reset Form’ which is for Windows, Outlook or any 3rd Party Password reset that we may support.

The ‘Request to Purchase Form’ is to be used if you require additional hardware/software/licenses which is chargeable.

The ‘Question for Accounts Form’ is to be used if you have an invoice query or anything accounts related.

The ‘Question for Account Manager Form’ is to be used if you have any queries for your Account Manager to answer.

If you have a new starter then you can use the ‘New User Form’. This will ensure we have everything set up that is required for the new user starting.

In each of the forms there is a list of questions which we require you to fill in to ensure we get the most information we can to determine the priority of your ticket and so the engineer can make a start on your ticket straight away.

Now, lets go back to the home page

Checking on Existing Tickets

To check on an existing ticket, you need to select the ‘Look up a ticket’ box. This will bring up a log of all the tickets that you have opened previously. As you can see, this will show you the ticket number, summary of the ticket, status and the technician which is assigned to your ticket.

If you need to update or make a change to a ticket, then select on the ticket you want. This will bring up your ticket on the right-hand side of your screen and you can use the ‘write a message box’ to make a change or update your ticket. Once you have clicked ‘send’ on your message, this will be sent to through to your ticket and the dispatcher or technician will receive your update.

Also on this screen, you can select the ‘Create a ticket’ box and this will take you to the screen with the different forms on for you to fill out.

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